Choose Your Social Class

Tickets come with a range of perks including luxurious seating options, mouth watering Russian delicacies, and thirst quenching bar packages. Make your selection and enjoy the benefits of your new social status.

Choose Your Social Class

The Imperial Family - $149

It’s good to be on top. Enjoy the luxurious perks of joining the Imperial Family, including a lavish feast, OPEN BAR*, premiere seating at the Tsar’s Table, exclusive attention throughout the evening and knowledge that you are inherently superior to everyone else in the room.

The Aristocracy - $89

Days at Court can be tiresome. Treat yourself to a special night out with an array of fine Russian delicacies, a carafe of house-infused vodka and fancy ass VIP seating.

The Bourgeoisie - $49

Your business is booming and your prospects are on the rise. Reward yourself with a shot of house-infused vodka, a delectable pirogi, and family room seating.

The Proletariat - $29

There are those who say there’s great power in the working class. Enjoy a shot of house-infused vodka, general admission seating and a sense that your place in society is destined to rise.

*Open bar is limited to beer, wine, and featured cocktails